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Casa & Lipparini

A Bold Partnership..

Casa and Lipparini's strong collaboration exemplifies a design approach where livability and elegance are forever one.

Casa and the famous Italian designer Mauro Lipparini joined forces in 2015 and took a bold and strong step into the international furniture market under the brand “Casa International”.

As the Casa and Lipparini collaboration moves towards new horizons, their collections, which are the defining features of Italian minimalism, complete with simple and clear forms and strong lines; it is filled with a joyful spirit, a fluid sense of pleasure and possibility. Freely using bold colors, organic textures and creative visual concepts, Mauro Lipparini; broadening the palette of classic minimalism, bringing the immediacy and power of timeless aesthetics into an exciting new era. Mauro Lipparini has designed unique collections that bring the traditions and long-successful vision of Casa to today's dynamics.

Allover, Mare Nostrum, Italia…

Discover these unique collections created with strikingly successful strong lines, pleasant volumes and inviting textures between an enthusiastic creative sensitivity and unwavering respect and understanding for basic customer demands such as aesthetics, comfort and functionality. Discover these unique collections where you will observe the unique harmony of the Casa & Mauro Lipparini union.

Mauro Lipparini

Mauro Lipparini's singular influence has been recognized and celebrated around the globe. 2011, he was a winner of the Good Design® Global Awards, the world's most prestigious honor in design. He is a past champion, as well, of the Young & Design Milano and International Du Pont Award Köln international design competitions.

Lipparini’s extensive work in the field of industrial design includes home and office furnishings, textiles, and other products created for a host of renowned European and Japanese firms. In the realms of architecture and interior design, Lipparini has concentrated primarily on private and public housing, retail and wholesale showrooms, and exposition installations. Lipparini also provides cutting-edge corporate identity construction services including graphic design, editorial, full-scale production, and product application. Rooted in the spare forms and clear, powerful lines that are the defining features of Italian minimalism, Lipparini’s work is imbued with a spirit of joy, a buoyant sense of pleasure and possibility. Freely employing bold colors, organic textures, and imaginative visual concepts, Lipparini broadens the palette of classic minimalism, bringing the immediacy and strength of the well-respected aesthetic into an exhilarating new era.