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Our Brand

Today's line is the result of a continuous research focused on production with a vision of the future and philosophy. With its comfort and technology, Casa products offer a different aesthetic style that is far from ordinary and adapts trends to future lifestyles.

Casa Furniture was founded by Hasan Kasan, who is still the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Kasan, who opened her first office in Ankara Cikrikcilar Yokusu in 1965, moved his business to this region with the establishment of Siteler. In 1992, he created the brand "Casa", which means "home" in Italian, inspired by his surname.

Casa explains the diversity and design difference in its products, “You can decorate a place very beautifully, very differently, it can look very nice. However, if that place does not fit the lifestyle of the people who will live in it, if it does not meet their expectations, it has no value.” bases his opinion.


More than half a century...

In 1995, Casa made a license agreement with an Italian company that produces modern-style functional products, and acquired the right to manufacture all of the company's products, as well as the Middle East distributorship. The cooperation led to an important step in being the first license agreement made in the furniture industry. After this success, Casa, which developed its domestic dealer network rapidly, started to be mentioned among the leading brands of the furniture industry in a short time.

Moving to its modern facilities at the beginning of the 2000s, Casa still carries out its production in its factory of 35,000 m², 25,000 m² of which is closed, in the Ankara Esenboğa Airport region. In addition to the production of armchairs and furniture bearing its brand, it cooperates with many important European furniture companies in the field of certain product groups and complementary accessories.


Yesterday and today...
from past to present

Believing that knowledge and experience form the solid foundations of a successful brand, Casa has a 57-year history in the furniture industry; It stands out with its design team, R&D studies, product quality, after-sales services and the value it places on customer satisfaction. With the awareness of their valuable heritage, Casa's second generation young team, inspired by the experience and discipline that goes back many years, is moving towards higher goals with each passing day.


life ideas

As much as the light and architectural features a place receives, the lifestyle, needs and indispensables of the people who will use it; believes that it should be considered in the selection of furniture, accessories and decoration products. The spaciousness, dynamism, quality and aesthetics in the Casa stores and in the places decorated with Casa products prove that all these elements are taken care of. Adopting the design thinking approach, Casa believes in the importance of creating design with the vision of the future. However, this point of view; knows that it will happen by combining experience, good observation and aesthetic understanding with technology and quality. Casa collections, produced with these components that define the design philosophy of Casa, meticulously preserve their dynamic structure at all times.


our designs

While Casa Furniture works on its designs by observing all world trends and changing lifestyles; He does not forget that his professional point of view from the past is one of his most important values.

Hasan Kasan, who directs the product portfolio with his own designs, brought the "Good Design Award" to Casa with his product Bolero at the Design Turkey 2008 Industrial Design Awards. Bolero armchair, combining sitting, lying and resting usage alternatives and functionality in a single product; won the award for its design originality, visual aesthetic integrity, multi-purpose use and comfort.

Casa won the best stand award at the IMOB 2013 Istanbul furniture fair. At the fair where more than 1,000 brands took part, the Casa stand, which attracted great attention especially from foreign sector representatives, received the "Best Stand Award".

Casa Furniture, in 2014, 8th Turkish Furniture Manufacturers Association. It won the 1st prize with its "Pool" product in the "Sitting Group" category at the ISMOB Design Competition.

Positano sofa designed by Mauro Lipparini won the 'Best of Year 2015' Living / Residential sofa category award and the best design award in the Seating Unit Category at the Elle Decoration Edida 2015 awards.

The most prestigious in the industry
design award

''Best of Year 2016''

Residential / Dining Tables
category winner International
Barrafranca in the collection
It was Casa's with the table.


Casa's quality products, produced with environmentally friendly methods, contribute to the sustainability of natural resources due to their long service life.

Casa products have been produced for many years with the aim of providing customer satisfaction and lasting happiness. For Casa, which believes that the concept of quality is an indispensable phenomenon since its establishment, quality means health, and healthy products mean a healthy life and environment. Nature-friendly products and environment-friendly service concept shape the Casa philosophy as a whole. With the awareness of the importance of invisible quality and health factors for customers, Casa carries out its production in this direction.

Bringing its modern style to homes with its material selection and standard quality as well as its designs, Casa conveys the same meticulous and professional care to every product with the awareness of the importance of craftsmanship in furniture production. Designs that offer superior durability and comfort with only and only natural wood materials, carefully selected colors and fabrics, first-class leathers, and state-of-the-art mechanisms reflect the basic qualities of Casa. For this reason, Casa products are fully appreciated, from their form to their smallest mechanism.

Casa knows that when it comes to enjoying the use of furniture and preserving its value for years, careful use and correct maintenance-repair are as important as production quality. For this reason, Casa products; It is delivered to its customers with a detailed booklet containing maintenance and usage recommendations. The information booklet also includes comprehensive explanations about the materials used in the products and their properties.


free perspective

Casa's innovative and free perspective; It brings together half a century of industry experience with today's technology and expectations. Designing inspiring spaces; Casa Furniture, which believes that it can be realized with unrestricted creative thinking and a team of researchers who follow the developments in the world; With this awareness, it continues to be a dynamic brand that constantly renews and develops itself.