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Lentini Lentini 01 02 02 Lentini Lentini allover LENTINI Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2021 _reflected depth Its circular mirror on a wooden rectangular panel and the lighting between the mirror and the panel turn Lentini into a hero that adds dimension to your home.. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Get Offer LENTINI Allover LENTINI Allover _exciting minimalism Lentini […]


Lascari Lascari 01 02 02 Lascari Lascari allover LASCARI Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2021 _harmony of parallel planes Lascari, who pays homage to the Bauhaus school, goes beyond the mirror designs you know with the combination of parallel planes and lines. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Get Offer LASCARI Allover LASCARI Allover _big claim of small movements Lascari’s […]


Limina Limina 01 02 02 Limina Limina allover LIMINA Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2021 _shining reflection of extraordinary movement The mirror carried by the metal cylindrical rods and the glamorous combination of these reflective surfaces with the light, Limina presents the extraordinary movement with fine taste. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Get Offer LIMINA Allover LIMINA Allover _modern […]