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The armrests are a staple in the design, upholstered in leather and completely exposed. In tandem with the fine details of the armrests, a signature Casa International belt wraps around the entire piece, enhancing the detail and luxury that Lipari exudes. While the armrests are only available in leather, the seat and back cushions can be upholstered in both fabrics and leathers of the collection allowing you to customize the piece and mix textiles. Whether arranged in multiples or as a single accent piece, the Lipari chair is sure to provide both comfort and style in any seating area.


A delicate, inviting line traces the perimeter of the Gavello armchair, highlighting its bold, distinctive shape while accentuating the subtle transition between its frank exterior geometry and the gentle, satisfying embrace of its interior volume. The Gavello armchair is available in the fabrics and leathers of the collection for both its seat and seat back as well as its feet, creating a unique design of an entirely upholstered piece.


Design using leather or marble coating; Finished using a metallic, matte or glossy finish. With its different wood options, Lampione adds elegance to its environment.