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Available with legs of either metal or wood and tops either leather-covered or lacquered—featuring exquisitely composed veneer patterning—Barrafranca manifests Casa’s passion for creating furniture that is truly inimitable and exclusive.


A motif that is both visually attractive and conceptually tantalizing, furthermore articulates and energizes the line along which this remarkable sideboard’s top and sides come together. Bordano’s metal legs accentuate the cabinet’s inclined sides, framing its lovely structure and redefining its sensuous silhouette.


Inspired by the Doric column heads of the Ancient Greek period, the conical vertical lines of the Bordano sideboard rise upwards and merge with the hard wooden table that resembles a column head and forms the heart of the design. Though sleek and simple, Bordano has exquisite details through out that make it a true jewel piece.