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Fonte’s eye-catching curved backrest is available in various exotic woods of the Italia collection while its pleated seat and seat back are available in the fabrics and leathers of the collection.


Brenta’s strong metal elements juxtapose with warm and supple wood tones and luxurious lacquers.


Whether selected in soft leather or one of a broad range of available fabrics, the Alonte dinner chair enunciates an unmistakable spirit of refinement. Alonte’s curvaceous form emphasizes its signature stitching, showcasing the exceptional handwork that goes into each and every piece of the Mare Nostrum collection.


The Levanzo dining room table’s commanding top of thick hardwood is intriguingly contrasted by a fine decorative undertrim, whose metallic finish matches with levity and wit the tabletop’s single- or dual-column support.


The sweeping arc of Adria’s backrest is contoured with a hardwood edge, giving the dinner chair a look that merges the austere and the deeply romantic. Its strong, but delicate-looking legs flow into the hardwood base, which then joins the running armrest in a satisfying structural gesture.