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Levanzo Albarella Albarella Albarella Levanzo 01 01 mare nostrum LEVANZO Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2017 _elegant and inviting environments The Levanzo dining table, like other products in the Mare Nostrum collection, creates both elegant and inviting environments. The harmony of Levanzo’s lofty and thick wooden top with its thin and decorative subframe, combined with metallic polished […]


Levanzo 01 01 Levanzo Mare Nostrum LEVANZO Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2017 _simplicity of cubism The wooden table of Levanzo in cubic form and the foot that carries it represent the simple and eye-catching meeting of prisms. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Get Offer Levanzo Mare Nostrum Levanzo Mare Nostrum TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION DESCRIPTION SIZE DESCRIPTION wooden top base […]


Morgano Morgano 01 02 02 Morgano Morgano Morgano Morgano MARE NOSTRUM MORGANO Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2017 _eye-catching and comfortable The most eye-catching form of comfort, Morgano is among the distinguished examples of the Mare Nostrum collection with its designs that emphasize the width and striking lines. The body of the Morgano, which is an extremely […]


Lipari Lipari 01 02 02 Lipari Lipari Lipari Lipari MARE NOSTRUM LIPARI Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2017 _luxury elegance Lipari invites you to unexpected comfort thanks to its hidden swivel foot. It not only provides a perfect resting area when you want to relieve your tiredness but also carries the concept of luxury to all its […]


Ostia Ostia Ostia 01 02 03 03 Ostia Ostia Ostia Mare nostrum Ostıa Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2017 passion for excellence The Ostia coffee table owes its solid form to its robust production technique; The natural wood veneer applied with great care takes its perfect form with Casa’s unique craftsmanship. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Get Offer OSTIA […]


Tiberio Tiberio Tiberio Tiberio MARE NOSTRUM TIBERIO Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2017 _delicate and flawless The streamlined form and disciplined geometry of the Tiberio console create a design that is absolutely contemporary, yet aware and evocative of Casa International’s distinct and trailblazing style. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Get Offer TIBERIO Mare Nostrum TIBERIO Mare Nostrum _different and […]


Alicudi Alicudi 01 02 02 Alicudi Alicudi MARE NOSTRUM ALICUDI Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2017 _thin and solid Contrasting wood, lacquer or metal details add visual vitality to Alicudi, while highlighting master craftsmanship. Alicudi’s thin but sturdy solid wood legs, which offer different wood veneer options, support this unique dreasuar’s svelte but equally durable top. Facebook […]


Martana Martana Martana 01 02 03 03 Martana Martana Martana ITALIA martana Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2015 _creates a distinctive style Martana, which can be covered with fabric or natural leather of the collection, offers the opportunity to reflect your style in your living space. ITALIA martana Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2015 _creates a distinctive style Martana, […]


Fonte Fonte Fonte 01 02 03 03 Fonte Fonte Fonte MARE NOSTRUM fonte Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2017 _glamorous and exotic Fonte is a pouf design that can be used for different purposes in the interior but does not neglect to preserve its original character. We leave the choice up to you, with a choice of […]


Livenza 01 01 Livenza MARE NOSTRUM LIVENZA Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2017 _perfection in its simple geometry A hint of Franciscan austerity can be felt in this design’s geometrics, set off by the subtle metallic interplay between the doors’ refined detailing – including their jewel-like handles – and Livenza’s signature pronounced feet. Livenza is available in […]