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Linosa Linosa 01 02 02 Linosa Linosa ITALIA Lınosa Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2015 _if you want a coffee table or a combination table Linosa coffee table, with its top supported by small legs, descends to the ground and creates a sliding effect for the tabletop. Linosa coffee table, with its top supported by small legs, […]


Salina Salina 01 02 02 Salina Salina ITALIA SALINA Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2015 _original design Salina; It was designed with inspiration from the architectural success of ancient Rome, especially the Pantheon’s extraordinary dome that feels suspended in the air, and the luminous lantern in this dome that opens to another world. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Get […]


Panarea Panarea Panarea 01 02 03 03 Panarea Panarea Panarea ITALIA PANAREA Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2015 _a stylish touch to living spaces Details that fit perfectly into your living spaces and complement your freedom are in Casa’s new Italia collection. With its different dimensions and body with four different metal options, Panarea is both functional […]


Alicudi 01 01 Alicudi ITALIA ALICUDI Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2015 _simple, elegant and harmonious The sculptural Alicudi is more than a bench, it’s a unique piece that marries plush, tufted upholstery together with a selection of solid woods of the collection, creating a piece that comes together harmoniously. This simple design with incredibly versatile capabilities […]


Trevisina Trevisina Trevisina 01 02 03 03 Trevisina Trevisina Trevisina ITALIA TREVISINA Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2015 _harmony of different textures The wood veneers of the collection are available in matte lacquer, glossy lacquer and metallic colours. The textural effect of the surfaces and the shadow effects created by the library structure create subtle contrasts. Facebook […]


Pilone Pilone Pilone 01 02 03 03 Pilone Pilone Pilone ITALIA PILONE Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2015 _aesthetic and functional Pilone bookcase that offers aesthetics and functionality together; It reflects your lifestyle in a unique way with its modular layout in the shelf sections, metallic lacquered carriers, glass side panels and sliding door options. Facebook Twitter […]


Stromboli Stromboli Stromboli 01 02 03 03 Stromboli Stromboli ITALIA STROMBOLI Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2015 _contemporary, powerful and clear Stromboli; “Italia”, designed by Mauro Lipparini with inspiration from Italy’s most beautiful villages, towns and magnificent landscapes, is included in the “Contemporary” theme of the collection. Stromboli, which has been carefully designed with different color and […]


Filicudi Filicudi Filicudi 01 02 03 03 Filicudi Filicudi Filicudi ITALIA FILICUDI Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2015 _luxury elegance Filicudi; With the “Luxury Chic” lifestyle theme of the Italia collection, it allows to add unlimited personal interpretation to interiors. With different coffee table sizes, 4 different metal options, as well as top table color options, Filicudi; […]


Liro Liro Liro 01 02 03 03 Liro Liro Liro ITALIA LIRO Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2015 _both storage space and display unit Below the top drawer is a shelving unit with flap-down doors, beside these enclosed sections is an open space allowing Liro to function as both a storage piece and a display unit. The […]


Cosia Cosia Cosia 01 02 03 03 Cosia Cosia Cosia ITALIA COSIA Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2015 _for an endless variety of interiors This sideboard can be completely personalized providing a wide selection of richly colored lacquers, woods of the collection, treated glasses, and fine metals. The endless possibilities in materials allow for both a monochromatic […]