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Tellaro 01 01 Tellaro Tellaro allover TELLARO Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2021 _smooth flow Taking its claim from a smooth flow, Tellaro reveals the classic with a calm expression and good workmanship. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Get Offer TELLARO Allover TELLARO Allover _harmony of opposites Tellaro, which softens the corner stability of the floors carried on metal […]


Vidor Vidor 01 02 02 Vidor Vidor allover VIDOR Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2021 _comfort from elegance Vidor bench is designed to complement your bedroom with its stylish and wide seating area and to create a pleasant sitting area. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Get Offer VIDOR Allover VIDOR Allover _stunning delicacy While its wooden frame surrounds its […]


Alicudi 01 01 Alicudi ITALIA ALICUDI Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2015 _simple, elegant and harmonious The sculptural Alicudi is more than a bench, it’s a unique piece that marries plush, tufted upholstery together with a selection of solid woods of the collection, creating a piece that comes together harmoniously. This simple design with incredibly versatile capabilities […]


Martana Martana Martana 01 02 03 03 Martana Martana Martana ITALIA martana Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2015 _creates a distinctive style Martana, which can be covered with fabric or natural leather of the collection, offers the opportunity to reflect your style in your living space. ITALIA martana Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2015 _creates a distinctive style Martana, […]


Fonte Fonte Fonte 01 02 03 03 Fonte Fonte Fonte MARE NOSTRUM fonte Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2017 _glamorous and exotic Fonte is a pouf design that can be used for different purposes in the interior but does not neglect to preserve its original character. We leave the choice up to you, with a choice of […]


Alimena Alimena Alimena 01 02 03 03 Alimena Alimena Alimena ALLOVER ALIMENA Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2021 _comfort in its solid stance Alimena’s solid stance and the feeling of comfort created by the metallic lacquered foot under the cylindrical or elliptical body, which creates a feeling of depth, will completely change your perception of the pouf. […]


Alia 01 01 Alia allover ALIA Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2021 _shot of irony With its perfect seams and wooden legs, Alia stands out with a simple and impressive design. Alia, where circular lines create a soft effect, reflects the attention of irony with her small and strong feet. Her conical rise takes Alia beyond a […]