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Circus Circus Circus 01 02 03 03 Circus Circus Circus mare nostrum CIRCUS Design: Doğanberk Demir, 2017 _modern and creative Circus provides extraordinary lighting to your home with metal components and blown glass spheres in various numbers and graphics. Circus will create style in your interiors with its modern design. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Get Offer […]


Veil Veil 01 02 02 Veil Veil Mare Nostrum VEIL Design: Doğanberk Demir, 2017 _mysterious meeting that illuminates The laser cut bronze cage points to the mysterious beauty of the handmade glass bell.​ Facebook Twitter Pinterest Get Offer VEIL Mare Nostrum VEIL Mare Nostrum _met with aesthetic design You can bring the mysterious meeting of […]


Ribbon Ribbon 01 02 02 Ribbon Ribbon Mare nostrum RIBBON Design: David Rockwell, 2017 _warm and stunning This sculptural, black/white steel table lamp impresses with its subtle curves that sometimes hide the light source, sometimes reflect it. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Get Offer RIBBON Mare Nostrum RIBBON Mare Nostrum _sculptural touch of subtle folds This sculptural, […]


Spiral Spiral 01 02 02 Spiral Spiral mare nostrum SPIRAL Design: David Rockwell, 2017 _lighting that adds depth to the light The light reflected by the gold plating on the inner surface changes its depth, tone and color depending on the diagonal pattern created by the overlapping perforated steel.​ Facebook Twitter Pinterest Get Offer Spıral […]