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Lentini Lentini 01 02 02 Lentini Lentini allover LENTINI Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2021 _reflected depth Its circular mirror on a wooden rectangular panel and the lighting between the mirror and the panel turn Lentini into a hero that adds dimension to your home.. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Get Offer LENTINI Allover LENTINI Allover _exciting minimalism Lentini […]


Lascari Lascari 01 02 02 Lascari Lascari allover LASCARI Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2021 _harmony of parallel planes Lascari, who pays homage to the Bauhaus school, goes beyond the mirror designs you know with the combination of parallel planes and lines. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Get Offer LASCARI Allover LASCARI Allover _big claim of small movements Lascari’s […]


Limina Limina 01 02 02 Limina Limina allover LIMINA Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2021 _shining reflection of extraordinary movement The mirror carried by the metal cylindrical rods and the glamorous combination of these reflective surfaces with the light, Limina presents the extraordinary movement with fine taste. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Get Offer LIMINA Allover LIMINA Allover _modern […]


Vidor Vidor 01 02 02 Vidor Vidor allover VIDOR Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2021 _thin, elegant and strong With its thin wooden top, elegant legs, jewel-like drawer handle and leather coating on the table, Vidor will raise your expectations for the workspace. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Get Offer VIDOR Allover VIDOR Allover _fascinating details Rising on Vidor […]


Circus Circus Circus 01 02 03 03 Circus Circus Circus mare nostrum CIRCUS Design: Doğanberk Demir, 2017 _modern and creative Circus provides extraordinary lighting to your home with metal components and blown glass spheres in various numbers and graphics. Circus will create style in your interiors with its modern design. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Get Offer […]


Veil Veil 01 02 02 Veil Veil Mare Nostrum VEIL Design: Doğanberk Demir, 2017 _mysterious meeting that illuminates The laser cut bronze cage points to the mysterious beauty of the handmade glass bell.​ Facebook Twitter Pinterest Get Offer VEIL Mare Nostrum VEIL Mare Nostrum _met with aesthetic design You can bring the mysterious meeting of […]


Ribbon Ribbon 01 02 02 Ribbon Ribbon Mare nostrum RIBBON Design: David Rockwell, 2017 _warm and stunning This sculptural, black/white steel table lamp impresses with its subtle curves that sometimes hide the light source, sometimes reflect it. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Get Offer RIBBON Mare Nostrum RIBBON Mare Nostrum _sculptural touch of subtle folds This sculptural, […]


Tiberio Tiberio Tiberio Tiberio MARE NOSTRUM TIBERIO Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2017 _delicate and flawless The streamlined form and disciplined geometry of the Tiberio console create a design that is absolutely contemporary, yet aware and evocative of Casa International’s distinct and trailblazing style. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Get Offer TIBERIO Mare Nostrum TIBERIO Mare Nostrum _different and […]


Neriton Neriton 01 02 02 Neriton Neriton allover NERITON Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2021 _exuberant and harmonious The thin metal carriers that integrate with the natural wooden table, with their inclined stances at different angles, evoke the enthusiastic and harmonious feeling of a dance floor full of dancers. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Get Offer NERITON Allover NERITON […]


Tellaro 01 01 Tellaro Tellaro allover TELLARO Design: Mauro Lipparini, 2021 _smooth flow Taking its claim from a smooth flow, Tellaro reveals the classic with a calm expression and good workmanship. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Get Offer TELLARO Allover TELLARO Allover _harmony of opposites Tellaro, which softens the corner stability of the floors carried on metal […]