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Belfiore, which takes its ergonomics from its robust fiberglass shell structure; It aesthetically blends its contemporary look, which is completed thanks to its low back structure, solid walnut, oak or lacquered leg options.


The rich visuality created by the fabric or leather upholstery of the body part, which is designed eye-catchingly with its bold and dominant form, is reinforced by the model-specific elegant legs extending in the continuity of the material.


The Tirreno dining table reinterprets the historical column and floor relationship and brings it to the present. In addition to block marble for legs, lightweight and extremely durable fiberglass options; Lacquer, and various natural wood veneer options are available for the top.


Ithaca, which enables an endless variety of interior design; evokes the search for a warm and inviting home, which expresses the “Allover” design philosophy with its modular structure, reclining chair options, and circular modules.


The combination of natural leather and wide range of fabrics, a solid wood frame that is fully visible, and an integrated fiberglass structure emphasize Sottera’s sense of comfort and confidence.


Offering different size, color and material alternatives, Ismara impresses with its durability while adapting to the area it is in.